App for Maintenance Management

As our Mobile Installation Assessment blog-post had such a great impact on our readers, we thought that today we would like to share some further information regarding one of our apps: Mobile Maintenance.
Every individual client of ours has his own unique and work-specific maintenance workflow – which, initially, is hard to believe at first.
Most organisations hold various different processes for the operation, assignment, disposition, release and documentation of their maintenance tasks – which usually are supported by software.

Nonetheless we have developed a standard application for the – in many cases identical – process of the execution and documentation of work-tasks.
Built as a native app it comes with a full offline usability and supports all access to the camera, scanner and further devices of your handheld.

At first all pending work-tasks are synchronised with the respective handheld device. The user receives his assigned tasks after logging into the app. A barcode, QR-code or NFC-tag located on-site can be scanned via the built-in camera component for identifying the respective installation. Alternatively, this step can be executed manually.
The job-duties for this specific installation become then accessible and can be executed by the user. The documentation is made as easy as it can be – simply ticking off the box is sufficient.
Self-explanatory that further data and / or information can also easily be added for every job-duty!

The navigation is simplified through colour schemes and the use of pictograms within the app. Thus, the user has a smart overview of all his tasks, including their priorities and status!

After completion of the work-tasks the user simply releases the data for the synchronisation with the server.

The work-task reports make monitoring and controlling of the executed work fully transparent.
Further actions can be initiated based on the respective maintenance results. This process and the logic behind it are also very individual. Therefore, we have developed specific components to map your process needs!