DCIM and FM for data centers

A more holistic data center management approach is now paving its way among DC managers stating that both FM and DCIM require a much closer integration.

In order to reach that integration, also in the use of IT-Management tools, an IT platform like speedikon©is the right solution, as it enables working on one consistent data basis with different process views on devices like UPS, cooling and air conditioning.

Thus, FM-process owners can deposit maintenance cycle information and maintenance reports at the respective devices. In turn, DCIM staff has access to current performance indicators of those devices and can generate requested reports on capacity overview as well as on current device utilization by just one click. These different process views depend on the user rights within the system. These allow a clear and distinct differentiation between processes, enabling users to only see and act on the data relevant to them. Thus nobody gets overburdened by data they may not need or may not even be able to interpret.

More generic information is accessible to all users; process specific information, however, only to the respective specialists. The objective is to avoid overloading users with data not relevant to them.

The clear benefit for DC managers lies not only in the consistency and process integration the C- platform provides to both areas, but also in the coherence of subsequent process support across different disciplines.

In both DCIM and FM, we have more than 15 years of experience and can thus provide latest IT technology, proven process expertise and sophisticated implementation methodology to the benefit of users.