Data Analytics with the Formula Editor

The measured data has to be analysed thoroughly in order to identify saving potentials or to optimise equipment efficiency. The formula editor available in WiriTec©is an innovative and very powerful tool for carrying out these tasks.

The formula editor is based on a programming language (C #). It can easily be configured by trained users even without any programming knowledge simply by using pre-defined  functional components.

For the most important calculations such as minimum and maximum, time shift of data series, corrections (weather conditions, calorific value, CO2), moving average etc. easy to use interfaces have been implemented in which only corresponding parameters need to be entered.

Standard features for summations, subtractions and influential factors can be handeled even by untrained users. This enables them to calculate sum and residual meters or transformer and performance losses all by themselves.

Since lots of logic is readily implemented in the formula editor there is no need to take into account the existing differences in data series. Thus, data series with different  intervals, different units and even time-dependent attributes can all be part of the same calculation.

The methods of the formula editor are available in the area of graphical and alphanumerical analysis as well as for the calculation of virtual data series. Thus even the most complex calculations can be stored in a virtual data series and calculated regularly with further user interaction.

Since complex analysis tools may be introduced, there is no limit to the analysis possibilities of the formula editor.  Further all mathematical features of the programming language C # including the logical operators may be used. Finally even existing third party tools may be used.