Flexible colouring of floor plans

A further highlight, which we introduced our customers to on our Technology Days 2018 were the graphical ad-hoc-evaluation tools and the colour assignments for catalogues and cost centres.

speedikon® C provides ready-to-use graphical evaluations that are executed by the push of a button. This comes in handy for frequent evaluations and users, who rarely use the system.
Powerusers, who usually require swift graphical evaluations, can now use the ad-hoc-evaluations within the graphic. This allows easy and fast evaluations of any desired criteria (direct or linked) of all objects, that have graphical representation such as rooms, work places, furniture and installations.

Additional filter criteria for the object selection can easily be added. So, for example, we can evaluate and highlight all rooms that are over 20 sqm according to the cost centres.
Further parameters allow customising of the caption. Therefore, the user can display the amount of hits or summarised areas (etc.).

In order of displaying the correct colourings, the user can assign any desired colour with the respective attribute value of the catalogues (e.g. floor space 1 = green, floor space 2 = blue, floor space 3 = red). This way, every customer can create their own individual colour spectra.
These colour assignments can be applied for any catalogues, cost centres and organisational units.

Thus, our customers can now create and design any desired graphical evaluations via the easy-to-use interface.