Integrating DCIM into existing environments

During the implementation of a DCIM System, DC managers face two major challenges these days: On one hand, it is the initial capturing of data regarding assets and cables from existing systems. On the other, it is the smooth and seamless integration of the DCIM solution into existing system environments and the respective processes.  The most important components in this integration scenario is certainly the CMDB and the commercial ERP System for invoicing.

In order to successfully realise such integration, it is indispensable in the first place to define responsibilities for the specific data. This is obvious when looking at the serial number or the hostname. In general, this information is defined in the CMDB and then transferred to the DCIM: Information on costs and terms for leasing and maintenance agreements is usually kept in the CMDB. However, DCIM systems often provide much more intuitive while graphical reporting options. This is particularly one of the key benefits of our comprehensive DC management platform DAMS C.

As a matter of fact, information on the exact location of assets such as rack row and height unit is kept in the DCIM and possibly transferred to the CMDB as non-modifiable information. Via customer name or cost center, once defined in the ERP-System and then transferred via the CMDB to the DCIM system, data such as DC space occupied or power consumption can be passed on to the ERP system for subsequent cost settlement or invoicing. In this context, it is paramount that all systems involved are connected via at least one attribute. These days, the communication standard is Web-Services.

In addition to that, the processes concerned require to be automated as far as possible. In case DC staff should have any influence on the aforementioned processes, these persons have to be adequately trained to avoid any discrepancies that could occur in the process flow.

Thanks to our long-term expertise and experience in the integration of such systems, we are happy to support you professionally not only in the process definition, but also in the subsequent realisation and implementation.