Specific views on racks in DAMS C

The availability of adequate views when working on racks significantly eases the work of the responsible in Data Centers of today.

This is particularly the case when you are dealing with racks being quite distant from each other, or even located in different Data Centers. Using our DC Management platform DAMS C, you can in no time select in the tree-view only those racks that you really need for carrying out your current tasks.

The unquestionable benefit lies in the fact that the system does not deliver just a rigid picture, but a realistic graphical representation of the racks at a very concrete point in time.  As a matter of fact, the user can benefit from different perspectives on racks that do accelerate working on these racks. Above all, the simultaneous display of both front and back view on the rack is a quite convincing feature of DAMS C.

In the scope of our Technology Days recently held in March, this specific function was highly appreciated by both our customers and prospects when they attended respective work-shops and presentations focusing on Data Center management topics.

As an additional benefit, the user can immediately access in the views on racks all other widespread functions DAMS C offers.

Thus, assets can be seamlessly worked on, also adding respective maintenance- or leasing agreements referring to assets. You can move those assets or add information on their properties. Furthermore, the user can directly start connecting all types of cables. It is a very comfortable feature for all users that a report can be generated from these specific graphical views showing all assets concerned at a particular moment in time.