Collecting metre data using the WiriApp

A while ago we dedicated two separate blog posts to the topic of automatic data collection. Today we want to talk about data collection in combination with our WiriApp.

Unlike with many different mobile processes the process of the mobile metre data collection is usually executed when the devices have no online connection. This is due to the typical mounting locations of the metres such as cellars, supply shafts or other locations without any or very bad reception.
Also, many of our customers rely on service providers or further third-parties, who have no access to the companies’ network, to collect the data.

Therefore, we have developed the WiriApp which does not require any online connections! To start off with the user creates collection tours within the WiriTec C system. These tours contain all metre devices that should be read out within this tour.
This data set of the tour is then synchronised with the WiriApp on the respective device. This way the data collector can work fully self-sufficient and without any need of being online.

The identification of the metre device is a potential source of error within these applications. It is essential that the data collector identifies the correct device to link the associated metre data to it. The device is usually identified by its tag number or device specification. The app however, supports the identification with modern possibilities such as NFC, QR-Codes or RFID tags.

The application automatically validates the plausibility of the entered data to exclude any typing errors or transposed numbers. Due to the systems intelligence the user avoids any need to redo the tour.

After completion of the tour the data is transferred to the central server. The synchronisation is executed as soon as the device is connected to the companies’ network. It is also possible to transfer the data via E-Mail, if for security reasons the transfer of the data via a direct connection to the server is not possible.
Our apps are not only available for standard mobile operating systems. We also develop customised apps for our customers individual processes and needs. Contact us for further information!