Collecting 3D data of existing properties and objects

Collecting 3D data of existing properties is still a costly challenge for many businesses.

Our Hungarian partner Burken Ltd. has specialised in meeting these challenges in an affordable way – including a direct connection to speedikon® C! As one of the leading businesses in property and object data collection, Burken has established itself as a highly specialised company with over 15 years of extensive experience.

The object data is collected via state-of-the-art laser scanners and GPS devices – this allows swift and detailed data admissions.
The raw data is transmitted as a point cloud to create objects, walls, rooftops/ceilings and pillars. Thus, from this point cloud an intelligent 3D model is created. Intelligent means in this context that all objects of this model are equipped with attributes und further relevant alphanumerical information.
Hereby, the customer decides on which information and data is needed to cover all unique requirements.

Burken is able to minimise time consumption of this data collection and to optimise the data processing to a maximum due to their extensive project experience. Just to give you an example: Burken’s employees can survey a complex industrial object with over 16,000 sqm in under 11 hours – the 3D model including all rooms, accesses and further structure objects is created in less than 10 days!

Out of this not only a detailed BIM model is created but also a seamless integration into speedikon® C is possible.

The imported objects can then be equipped with relevant information in speedikon® C. For this the 3D model can be displayed and edited completely within the systems interface. All modules of speedikon® C are able to use the data for the respective process needs due to the consitent integration of all model information. There is no obligatory dependence with the original BIM model.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help with collecting data of your existing properties and the creation of 3D models for your process needs!