Future.Lab: The C platform as a framework for VR/AR

We occasionally mentioned in past blog-posts our cutting-edge Future.Lab and its main focus on virtual and augmented reality combined with application possibilities within technical business processes. Today’s blog-post is dedicated to the technical basis and opportunities provided by these technologies.

The majority of the VR/AR industry has set their focus on marketing and gaming sectors which is far from the praxis of technical business processes.

We have gained extensive experience in over 20 years within this field. This experience is directly incorporated into our VR/AR solutions development.

Thus, our well-established C platform provides the technological basis for the virtual world. The invaluable advantage of this is that all data kept within our clients speedikon® C is destined for further utilisations. Furthermore, the platform provides a broad range of standardised data interface technologies. This allows imports of any type of master, process or measuring data as well as 2D and 3D models.

Unity 3D is our software-basis used for the terminal devices, which is compatible with all VR and AR glasses.
This allows free choice of hardware for users.

The highly flexible data interfaces connecting the C platform with Unity 3D enable broad possibilities of displaying any information and data directly within these hardware devices. Besides displaying general master data, it is also possible to provide dynamic data such as conditions, measuring data or sensor values. This enables representations within the virtual world seamlessly with information coming from reality.

This function is part of a prototype we are developing for data centre management. The Microsoft HoloLens shows the user the mounting position of the cable within the port. On completion of the task the system gives visual and audial feedback over success (correct cable / correct port) or failure (wrong cable / wrong port).

These and further cutting-edge application cases can be seen in our FUTURE.LAB. If we have sparked your interest, then do not hesitate to contact us! Further interesting projects will also be introduced here. We will keep you posted!