Automatic port naming with DAMS C

Responding to TIA and ISO Standards on one hand and the availability of necessary resources on the other constitute an area of conflict, in which Data Centers nowadays need to act.

To be able to work properly according to above mentioned standards and guidelines, a considerable amount of resources is indispensable. However, these are often not available under the pressure of every day’s business. In addition to that, manual activities and workflows are failure-prone. The situation gets particularly critical when network connectivity needs to de documented in a very restricted space, or in case a high density of ports and connections requires precise identification.

Process automation in DAMS C is the key to get out of this dilemma. As the unambiguous naming of ports is an often costly task, even in a mid-size Data Center, the intelligence of our powerful DC management platform enables this somewhat tedious process to be automated. Thus, nearly all sources of human errors have been eliminated in this area.  As an additional benefit, you can immediately identify the location of  target ports with each and every network-connection. Of course, this target port is again unambiguous.

DAMS C is just doing it for you, thus helping the user focus his restricted resources on his core business. The excelling benefit for the DC every day’s business lies in the automation of a previously time and resource consuming process. This real advantage is obvious not only in the fact that an entire network can be planned in the best possible way, but also in reporting on that network: You can immediately identify free capacities in your network and get a precise overview of its entire structure.

As a matter of fact, this is also true also for even more complex fiber connections such as MPO8 and LC splittings. And here is a significant additional benefit: You can attribute any connection in your Data Center just by the naming convention of each cable fiber without requiring any further information.

DAMS C triggers significant work load reduction every day thanks to automatic capturing of the connection names based on the unambiguous naming convention incorporated in our Data Center management platform. Thus, you can efficiently work according to TIA and ISO Standards and be way more cost effective.