BIM – User Group

The process and data structure standardisation within the Building Information Modeling (BIM) sector has been discussed very actively for some years now. The direct practice relation is usually only briefly mentioned. In particular, topics essential for the FM industry, which has its focus set on the operation of buildings and assets, find only little attention.

We have also added our two pennies worth of input regarding the subjects of BIM in combination with the FM sector in the past (read more about this here).

It is about time now to move from the theory to the praxis!

Therefore, we have launched a BIM User Group with a range of interested customers.

The focus of this User Group is set on all subjects regarding BIM-Models in combination with FM-Processes and to identify possible application fields. This includes topics such as data collection for BIM, the use of BIM in the field and maintaining a high data quality. Of high importance for us is the direct relationship with practical application cases!

The goal of this format is to give our customers the possibility, to exchange collected know how and to see possible practical application cases within our software platform speedikon® C.

If you are also interested in joining our BIM User Group, then send us a message to

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Walder & Trueb Engineering/Speedikon