Enhanced service processes thanks to Helpdesk

In addition to central standard processes such as Asset- and Cable Management, DAMS C professionally supports also relevant service processes. Our high performing C-platform allows manifold technical and commercial processes to be built upon. Therefore, an integrated, fully-fledged Helpdesk is self- evident, and many of our customers use different Helpdesk configurations successfully every day.

This Helpdesk is seamlessly integrated in the existing Work Order functional area of DAMS C. Thus, the entire Data Center process logic including e-mail notifications and requests is connected to the detailed planning functions in DAMS C. This goes particularly true for the necessary interaction with internal and external service providers.

Users get a significant benefit: you will not lose your precious time any more with all those pretty confusing lists and inconsistent spread-sheets, or help yourself out with Visio drawings. Instead, you enjoy very detailed planning of the required installations using the Work Order function. Furthermore, you can precisely plan and unambiguously document all your cabling connectivity at any time.

This means for service process handling: Not only planning, but also working off all requests is now completely integrated. No information passing its way from the Data Center planner to the Data Center engineer, including service providers, will get lost. Precious resources will be protected, as there is no media break.

In this context, we are talking about the following exemplary requests:

  • Installations or Moves
  • Malfunction reports
  • Delivery notifications
  • Order processing
  • Request for offers

Thus, transparency across all workflows and processes is guaranteed, and thanks to the synthesis between Helpdesk on one hand and Work Order on the other, DAMS C now reaches way beyond pure IMAC process support.

An additional user benefit should be stressed: The Data Center service coordinator can pass the request on to exactly that Data Center engineer possessing the adequate competence and being available at the requested point in time.

Afore mentioned central DC planning reveals a further advantage, as the available resources such as free height units or existing infrastructure can then be exploited in the best possible way. Apart from the Helpdesk, the user can access the entire range of relevant process support functionality the C-platform provides, e.g. maintenance management or area cost settlement.

Everything under control: Overview across all current Requests including respective status