Flexible Objects and Hierarchy Structures

We´ve mentioned the topic Flexibility (read about it here) in a couple of our blog-posts before.
Little attention has been paid to a very important aspect within every single project of ours: Flexible Object- and Hierarchy Structures. We will change this with the following words.

The master data structure in speedikon® C is exclusively dependant on our customers preferences. The system itself does not set any boundaries regarding amount of hierarchies or how these are structured. This is essential when displaying different types of structures such as architectonical structures, cost centre structures, meter structures or installation structures.

The quantity and specifications hereby depend solely on the systems data. speedikon® C does not give any constraints.

This way it is possible to display different structures for different groups of employees. Technical orientated employees will see their installations in a manner they find most productive. Area managers will have a different type of structure orientated more towards an architectonical view.

speedikon® C provides so called security nodes. These security nodes can be set on any type of object within the structure. A node is then linked to specific user profiles. The user profiles that hold this node can see the object and all successor, all profiles that have not received this node will never see this object and its successors within the structure.

These nodes are set within a matrix orientated surface in speedikon® C. This highly simplifies the assignments of rights. The admin can this way control the different data structure views for all employee groups or even for the specific user.