REST API in DAMS C – a new dimension in system communication

In decentralized system environments of organizations, the decisive efficiency factor is software systems’ ability to seamlessly communicate.
The most common framework for automatic data transfer among Enterprise Information Systems are API Calls/Webservices. They enable smooth data exchange between DAMS C and various systems such as a CMDB or an ERP application. For the following reasons, DAMS C is the appropriate consolidation platform to integrate existing data from quite different systems: it has got a very performing data base, one-of-a-kind graphical features and a quite unique intuitive system handling.
Thus, it is extremely useful to transfer existing data to DAMS C to achieve not only gapless documentation of that data, but also to have them historicized and retrievable at any time.
Its comprehensive graphical reporting options are an additional key argument for keeping data in DAMS C. In addition to that, webservices can be implemented extremely easily on our C-platform. And here is yet another important benefit: The user can exchange data in whatever direction via update/create or get-functions. Furthermore, data transfer in .json format allows “readability” of practically every software system DAMS C should communicate with. Thanks to specific security tokens and authentication mechanisms, data base integrity is never jeopardized.
It is our clear target to enable customers to use data in a best possible way and to significantly reduce manual effort at the same time. In this context, DAMS C delivers all necessary tools. As a matter of fact, DAMS C seamlessly integrates into IT environments of an enterprise via webservices in the API framework and provides necessary information from many different systems in a bundled form.