New features in version 5.0 – new apps and functional packages

speedikon C version 5.0 delivers not only very beneficial new functions for existing modules, but also entire functional packages and new useful apps. Here are two respective examples we would like to introduce today:

One of these apps enables users to capture messages on mobile devices. They can even elaborate on these apps in case of being authorized. The online app is running on smartphones and tablets under different operating systems. When capturing messages and malfunction reports, the notifier’s data are taken over from the data base. Users can select the place of the malfunction via very comfortable selection menus. All messages are categorized and can be described via free input texts. The editor of messages gets a clear overview of messages received in form of lists. These messages can be edited easily and be carried out immediately on site after termination. The scope of functionalities incorporated in this app is managed by different authorizations.

The second example deals with cleaning control. This application consists of two parts: One functional package, „cleaning control”, which is used for the organization, execution and creation of KPIs regarding cleaning control in speedikon C. The second part is the app for cleaning control.

Users can create and release test orders for cleaning control within the respective functional package. Test orders can be repeated, in case the service provider involved wants to carry out spot checks on the same testing procedure first, and then, in a second turn, the customer himself.

Test orders contain rooms that are selected randomly. In addition to that, the evaluation criteria can be selected according to the specific project. Users can then carry out the quality control on site and easily document the results via the respective off-line app. After subsequent synchronization, the final evaluation occurs in the functional package in speedikon C.

Although both apps are quite different in their respective themes, they have been realized using identical technical methods and functional components. Based on these methods, and, as a matter of fact, a lot of additional apps can be created, thus complementing the existing ones.

Please do not hesitate to get back to us with all your exciting ideas in this context!