Facility Management customised: cost centre inheritance

As you may already know, a cost centre analysis that is based on inherited information was implemented in speedikon® C as a standard mechanism, in 2016. Hence, rooms inherit cost centre information from personnel since employees often bring their assigned cost centres with them and because it is helpful for analysis and for strategic planning to deconstruct which and how many areas are occupied by which departments.

The analysis of cost centres follows a rule-base which analyses the percentage of each cost centre that is assigned to a room. Moreover, it can be controlled which rooms should be considered in the analysis. For instance, a room which is marked with two workplaces is occupied by a staff member who is assigned with cost centre A. The second workplace is used in turns by other two staff members. One person is allocated with cost centre A and the second with cost centre B. Therefore, the occupancy of this room would be as follows: 75% cost centre A and 25% cost centre B.

A special feature of speedikon® C cost centre analysis is that its rule-base can be customised, hence, it can be adapted to meet your specific requirements. For example, you would like to determine which room or workplace cost centres are considered in the analysis: A certain room might be assigned with the fixed cost centre C but due to a project the room is also assigned with further cost centres (D and E). By adapting the rule-base, we can specify that cost centres D and E have priority over the fixed cost centre (C).

Our rule-base is flexible and can be adapted to the constellation of your object and accounting model. Please contact us for more information.

Exemplary cost centre occupancy on a coloured CAD map.