speedikon FM AG nominated for German Data Centre Award

We are delighted to announce that speedikon FM AG has been nominated for the German Data Centre Award (Deutscher Rechenzentrumspreis), which will be awarded during a ceremony at Chamäleon Beach in the Rhine-Main area. The award ceremony takes place in the context of the “future thinking” data centre convention and under the patronage of Patrick Burghardt, State Secretary of the Hessian Ministry for Digital Strategy and Development. We compete in category number 4, “Innovations in the Whitespace”, and are one of the three finalists who will be awarded for their innovative projects.

We applied with our project “Image recognition and AI algorithms support ITIL processes”. We offer one of the leading DCIM systems in Europe, DAMS® C, which, due to AI tools and machine learning functions, can recognise racks, hardware and ports as well as allocate them. Besides the automatic creation of work orders, it is possible to visualise and forward instructions to AI/AR compatible hardware. Since this is a completely new approach which has never been applied before, this project is extremely innovative and was therefore nominated for the German data centre award.

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