The time slider in speedikon® C

For many of our clients, it is not only essential to have recent data of their facilities at hand but also data from other points in time. Therefore, we integrated a time slider into speedikon® C for you.

Thanks to the time slider, you can have a look at current data, but you can also examine data from the past and even the future. With only a few clicks, you can find out how cost centre allocations have changed, how far the capacity of the workplaces has been utilised or if the cleaning group has been changed due to new occupancies as well as how all these aspects are going to change in the future.

When opening the graphic, the recent state is automatically visualised. The date can be changed to any point in time and is only restricted to the lifecycle of the facility. The time slider can be used for highlighting changes in the graphic or of the attributes.

If the database is well-managed, you can see changes on the map when moving the switch on the time bar to the left or right. The dates that are written in red indicate the changes that take place in the facility. Besides objects changing places  in the layout because furniture, for example, has been moved, colours of certain areas can adapt during a DIN mode if occupancies have changed in case it been entered accordingly into speedikon® C. If you find yourself in the cost centre allocation mode, the colour indicates that the allocations have changed over time and when you press the floor cover icon, you can see if the material of the floor cover was changed at some point.

If necessary, you can also view this data for an appointed date in an alphanumeric chart, if you go to the “time machine” tile.

Please contact us, if you have any questions.