Mobile Solutions – Controlling cleaning quality

Most companies have outsourced their general cleaning to an external service provider. The qualitiy of the cleaning is typically governed by service level agreements, that are defined and provided by the prinicpal. As to whether the cleaning is carried out accordingly, has to be monitored by the principal. In many cases, the service provider himself will also carry out certain controls to ensure the level of quality. In most cases though, these checks happen more or less by random.

For an effective monitoring of the quality provided by the service provider, these checks have to be carried out regularly and be based on standardised criteria. With speedikon® C mobile we are providing you with a tool, that allows you to monitor the cleaning processes. Only with this IT-support, the quality control can be carried out based on standardised terms. Any inspection may be repeated regularly, allowing for the collection of objective evidence concerning the service providers’ performance.

The inspections themselves can either be carried our by the principal or the service provider – in some cases even by both parties. The inspection process is supported and governed by an App. At first, the user identifies the room to be inspected using a barcode, a QR-code or an NFC-tag. Depending on the principal’s preferences either a set of predefined criteria may be evaluated or alternatively only problems are documented. To ensure data integrity, the system documents internally who edited which data at what point in time.

In order to make the process as easy as possible for the user, we designed the user interface in such a way, that manual data entry is kept to a minimum. Upon completion of the inspection, the data is transferred to the server and made available for further analyses.  The results can be compared by using standardised criteria. Performance indicators can also be created and compared over time to ensure long-term quality. The service providers can thereby easily be evaluated and even a bonus malus system can be derived from the data.

Experience from our customers shows, that using the C-platform in combination with the app, is a quick and efficient way of monitoring cleaning quality. Further, this close monitoring typically improves the level of quality and ensures that this level remains. These methods are of course not limited to cleaning only – they may well support any other type of quality control or inspection.