speedikon C Solutions

As the keen readers of our newsletter will already know, we have decided to share our ample knowhow with you. Therefore we recently developed a specialised consulting concept for you.

speedikon® C Solutions is the one-stop consultancy for all your digitalisation needs.

We provide solutions-oriented consultancy as well as transfer of knowhow for all your projects concerning the digitalisation. In order to provide you with the best solutions possible, we are pairing our expertise gained in 20+ years of IT-projects with the almost endless possibilities of our C-Plattform. Given the close relations to our colleagues from Future.Lab and Wiritec, we can also rely on their specialised knowledge.

This combination of skills and tools enables us to unlock all the potential that the digitalisation has to offer for your technical business processes. Given our software-background, we are focusing on the IT-solution that supports your processes in an efficient way rather than providing management consultancy.

Based on our specialised knowledge and our technical understanding, we can provide you with a concept as well as a solution that is guaranteed to work.

We haved defined 6 different technology areas, in which we are capable of creating the perfect solution for your individual requirements. These are:

  • digital twins of buidling, assets and technical installations
  • virtual and augmented reality solutions
  • BIM accross the entire lifecycle
  • new work solutions
  • smart environments
  • mobile solutions.

Our consulting projects typically consist of a 4-tier process, starting with an initial analysis of the status, leading to developing concepts and prototypes and of course ending with the roll-out of the finalised software solutions. Only speedikon® C Solutions can supply you with such a one-stop approach

If you want to know more about what we can do for you, please feel free to contact us.