Future.Lab News

As most of you already know, the Future.Lab – speedikon FM and WiriTec’s joint research lab – was formed last November. Some of our customers already had the chance to get to know the newest technology and some use cases during the cause of our Technology-Days as well as during some additional meetings.

We are currently planning more Future.Lab meetings for the remainder of this year. If you are interested in taking part in one of those meetings, you can either sign-up to our (German!) newsletter or send us an email.

In addition we will use future blogposts to keep you updated on the developments in the Future.Lab.

We are currently developing a prototype allowing for collaborative site inspections. The idea with this prototype is that an on-site employee is equipped with a Microsoft HoloLens during the site inspection. HoloLens allows for seeing the reality (in this case the construction site) while the 3d model of the building is superimposed (augmented). By these means, deviations, problems or abnormalities can easily be spotted and documented directly within the model using annotations. In order to also involve additional employees that are not on-site, we collect the image-information directly from the HoloLens. These data is then displayed within the VR-glasses (such as HTC Vive Pro) used by the remote staff. This allows for all participants not only to see the construction site, but also to access the model as well as the annotations.

Using this technology will cause site inspections not only to be easier, but also to be less costly and less time consuming.