“Charly’s Colleagues” – Yannick Schader

Our clients are mainly in touch with speedikon FM AG or WiriTec GmbH through individual employees. But who are the various other members of our team who are involved in our projects and keep the business running? In our new series “Charly’s Colleagues” we are going to introduce to you our team members every few weeks.

Yannick Schader (26), IT Consultant, about his first weeks at speedikon FM AG and why he feels so at home in this region. 

Yannick, you have recently joined our company as an IT consultant. What were your impressions in the first weeks?

I was very excited on my first day, especially since I had no previous work experience in this industry. However, I was very lucky to be able to work in such a warm and accommodating environment, where the family-like atmosphere among colleagues creates a pleasant working situation. Thus, this excitement has quickly faded and was immediately replaced by an enthusiasm that I had never felt before. I feel ready to take on the tasks and challenges that are waiting for me.

How would you describe speedikon FM AG as an employer to your friends?

Thanks to two very good friends being long-term speedikon FM AG employees both, I found my way into the company, which is already a proof of the continuity of the software corporation.

So far, I have already encountered a number of challenges that I would not have been able to solve without the cooperation of my colleagues. Being able to identify such challenges and work on a respective solution with the help of others is what makes this job so special and rewarding. The willingness to help is a top priority at speedikon FM AG. That is exactly how I would describe the company to my friends.

What do you like about your job?

In the first few weeks, I already faced many challenges that were exciting and thrilling to solve. The close teamwork with my colleagues and the resulting sense of achievement is what makes working here so unique.

speedikon FM AG is headquartered in Bensheim. What is your connection to the region and what do you like about it?

I was born and raised here, this region has always been my home and it will probably continue to be for a long time. I share countless happy memories with the hiking trails of the Bergstraße, regular trips with my family have revealed the most beautiful sides of Bensheim and the surrounding area. This is where I went to school and made friends for a lifetime. Years of membership in the local football club defined my love to sports.

I do cherish these special memories as they make the unique charm of this city.