Editor for labelling rules

One of this nice highlights for existing platform C customers we showed during our Technology days was the editor for graphics labelling.

Customers, who had been using our speedikon Enterprise solution and who had been working intensely with our graphics, had been asking for a GUI for labelling for a while. Labels could be used by any user but the generation of new labelling rules had to be done by the advanced user or administrator. Now, using Angular framework, we were able to create such an easy to use interface.

Angular is a framework for web applications that we can integrate with the C platform. The original intention was a performance gain, but soon we discovered that this framework gives us the opportunity to create solutions that had been difficult, time consuming to program or not possible at all. And, as I said, the first application that can be used by any customer: is the editor for labelling rules.

Generally, all labelling is carried out by a set of rules that can be applied to any graphics, so the user only has to choose attributes to label and the graphics applies the rule to the plan(s) loaded at the time. This works for all plans, thus it is a general rule, not something to be done for individual plans.

In the new editor existing labelling rules can be chosen or new rules can be created. The user chooses any attribute(s) via the user interface, and then adapts the positon, size, and colour of the label to be created. A grid allows for better positioning when labelling with multiple attributes simultaneously. Of course, the user can also choose the layer where the label is to be displayed. Thus, the new editor allows “normal” user to create, adapt and save labelling rules for himself or any other user.

This functionality is available as a standard within Verison 4.1