New features in version 5.0 – Filter cascades

Buildings, rooms, installations: Here are three selected object types that are managed in a CAFM system like speedikon® C. The number of these objects is often exceeds 10,000, and each individual object has got its own set of attributes. These can be in the high two or three-digit range – especially when different corporate departments are working with the system.

Everyone knows that reports for key executives need to be concise and colorful! However, in every day business the focus is usually on something else, i.e. more complex list and evaluations of mass data. For this purpose, the listing function in speedikon®is ideally suited. These lists only show the object types required for editing. Using favorites and column configuration, the user can fade out superfluous attributes. Nevertheless, the lists often contain too many entries for efficient editing.

Furthermore, the configured search tabs often lacked the dynamics to carry out restrictions in individual lists. speedikon C version 5.0 now delivers widespread filter functionality for each column of a list. Users can easily reduce long lists to only that data they really require for working.

Another compelling feature has been on the wish list for quite some time. In version 5.0, customers can adjust the column width down to the pixel – without any configuration effort needed.