speedikon UserGroups

With the long break due to Corona finally at an end, we have had the chance to host some more UserGroup events again in recent weeks. These UserGroups are events for existing customers and serve primarily as a platform to exchange ideas with each other and with us as the software manufacturer. In order to allow us to dive deep into what is covered in a timely manner, each UserGroup is based on a single topic.

Events that took place at the start of this year were created by our colleagues at WiriTec and were virtual-only because of the Corona measurements. Nevertheless, we had the opportunity and pleasure to welcome many new customers! In-depth discussions took place covering topics including cleansing and normalization of data, the use of regression calculations for analyses, forecasts, and evaluations, and the many ways WiriTec and FRAMENCE can work together.

At the end of September, we were host to the 6th meeting of the BIM UserGroup. As this was the first BIM event since the onset of corona it took place as a hybrid event which allowed us the chance to welcome some users personally at our offices. As usual, the UserGroup was all about the use of BIM for later operations and how the data generated in construction and planning can create added value.

Another hybrid meeting took place at the beginning of October involving our DAMS UserGroup. Many ideas were exchanged back and forth as the 25 participants discussed current topics such as reporting and process support, and also on various workflows regarding cable tracking.

This brings us to our latest UserGroup which concluded just last week and dealt with the very relevant topic of NewWork. Together with the other participants we addressed in great detail our shared vision of the emerging new working environments, how we might balance both flexible and fixed attendance and related concepts, and how this will influence FM processes moving forward. Everyone agreed that this will remain an important concern that will require our attention in the coming years and will have a lasting effect on the management of real estate.

We are currently planning another UserGroup for next February: Digital Maintenance. It will be a place for our customers to exchange ideas with colleagues on up-to-date topics and to gain insights into the technical possibilities for supporting maintenance processes.

If you would also like to participate in one or more of our UserGroup events, please contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!