“Charly’s Colleagues” – Hilda Akyaa-Bonsu

Our clients are mainly in touch with speedikon FM AG or WiriTec GmbH through individual employees, but who are the various other members of our team who are involved in our projects and keep the business running? In our series “Charly’s Colleagues”, you’ll have the chance to meet our other team members every few weeks.

Hilda Akyaa-Bonsu (38), Electrical Engineer turned Consultant, tells us about her work at speedikon and how she found her way to us.

Hilda, as a consultant at speedikon, you support our clients when it comes to implementing our software solution and adjusting it to meet their specific needs. What does a typical day at the office look like for you?

I begin my day by testing and going over what I did the previous day before I continue from where I left off. Because each project is client-specific, it is important to read through the documents which outline their concepts in order to understand the needs of our various clients. This makes it easier for me to program and configure the speedikon software and tailor it to the needs of the client. I can go to my colleagues at any point in time with questions and have doubts cleared up over the course of my work, and that is what makes the working environment here so pleasant.

What do you like most about your job?

I strongly believe in carrying out duties in the most efficient way to save resources. What I like about the work here is how we seek to make the workload of our clients easier and sustainable, helping them save time – a very important resource, amongst other things. The most interesting part for me as a consultant is being able to test the software and experience how all the background programming and configurations come to life just at the click of a button.

What did you do before joining speedikon and how did you find us?

I worked as an electrical engineer in the fields of Energy and Environment at various organizations. The nature of my work made it possible for me to experience different cultures in several countries. I’ve always liked to work with a three-dimensional approach combining energy, economy and the environment because of my passion for a sustainable future.

A dear friend, now colleague, introduced me to speedikon and I like the work environment – the company really understands what work-life balance is all about.

Speedikon is based in Bensheim which is located along the Bergstraße region. What is your connection to the city and what do you like about it?

I live in Mannheim but often visit this region. The best part of this region is the fact that you can easily escape into nature and it’s easily accessible, just a few minutes’ drive away from where I live.