DAMS C supports Edge Data Center concepts

In the context of rapidly progressing digitization, the introduction of 5G and IoT solutions already available, there is absolutely no doubt that the amount of data to be processed will dramatically rise to infinity due to additional factors driving digitization. As a matter of consequence, there will be no alternative to distributed systems, so called Edge Data Centers in future. Regarding asset management requests, these distributed data centers will impose completely new demands on DCIM systems, they need to move from central processing to decentralized handling. Very recent studies brought forward that the number of Edge Data Centers will even triple by 2025.

Thanks to its convincing flexibility, our high performing DAMS C platform is already in best shape to face this paradigm shift that we are currently living in data center management. It will thus provide decisive benefits to customers. Due to the flexible object structure, it is very easy to have freely definable structures within DAMS C no matter if you are dealing with Core Data Centers, modular or Micro DCs or even single devices. The tree structure in DAMS C allows clear and transparent mapping. In future, highly flexible working models will be indispensable, not only in the DC arena. DAMS C enables DC managers to work exactly this way and carry out comprehensive evaluations easily on any hierarchical level. Naturally, this occurs on device level and on any other one as well. Comprehensive and reliable reporting will include analyses of energy consumption, of specific degree of DC utilization, of rack occupation or overall space efficiency.  It goes without saying that widespread reporting options are a central request for benchmarking activities within corporations and organizations.

To be able to ensure that those responsible for looking after Edge Data Centers in different regions will get their correct access to data, access rights can be monitored in DAMS C accordingly.

Thus, DAMS C provides the appropriate platform also for the Edge Data Center application field to make sure that customers will be well prepared to face future challenges of the paradigm shift ahead.