Reopening of FUTURE.LAB

It is almost time! – starting at the end of March, we will personally welcome customers and interested parties back to our FUTURE.LAB. Therefore, we would like to use today’s blog post to give you a small impression of the topics we have been working on in recent months.

Operators of buildings and facilities are known to be exposed to an almost infinite flood of data. In order to filter out the important information from these data volumes, powerful tools are required that interpret, analyze and classify the data accordingly. In our FUTURE.LAB, we have developed AI-based methods for data analysis. For example, conspicuous energy consumption can be quickly identified and avoided. Even for more unstructured data such as messages, these methods can be used to make interpretation and classification easy.

Another use case of our research in the field of artificial intelligence is the interpretation of images. For the digital twins of FRAMENCE, we have developed methods with which type plates or tags visible in the images can be identified in order to then interpret the contents of the tags. As a result, for example, existing tags that refer to technical locations in SAP can be automatically localized in the FRAMENCE model and the data stored in SAP can be retrieved.

Virtual and augmented reality applications continue to be an important research area of the FUTURE.LAB. By combining state-of-the-art image processing technologies with the possibilities of the C platform, information and data can be displayed directly into reality. In order to ensure practicality, we work in the artificial intelligence environment exclusively with mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets, which are already widely available today.

There are also some innovations in the virtual reality area. Our digital twins, for example, are available in VR and allow the user to interact immersivity with them. In this way, not only existing master data can be displayed, but also live data and conditions can be transferred directly from the field and being displayed in our digital twin. Even an interaction with existing 3D objects is possible.


However, many of these exciting topics are best experienced in-person and on site. Therefore, we are looking forward to your visit on one of the scheduled dates or by making an individual appointment.

Our upcoming dates are:

Wednesday 23 March

Friday 01 April

Wednesday 06 April