Webservices SOAP or REST?

Security is not only in the foreground of a software itself, but is also an essential aspect, especially with regard to interfaces. In addition to secure mutual authentication of the systems that want to exchange data with each other, the transfer and processing of the data must also be secured.

This ensures that automated interfaces do not use file interfaces that also require Windows authorisation, but only involve web services.

But even with the web services, care should be taken to ensure that the “right” web services are used. Especially in connection with SAP interfaces, but also with interfaces to other systems, SOAP web services are currently often used based upon historical practices.

If we could have a say in interface technology, we have long been pushing for REST web services to be used, and our own standard interface components are based on this. But for the future, we will have no other option but to insist on REST web services, as the latest basic technologies such as .NET Core, which we also use in development, will no longer support SOAP web services.

Since security is always our top priority and of course we always want to use the latest basic technologies, we will push for new interfaces to be implemented accordingly and for existing SOAP web services to be replaced as soon as possible.