speedikon C Version 2021.2

Only a little while to go until our next speedikon C release (Version 2021.2) will be available to our customers.

As we have always done in the past, we will be using this release to make many of the customer specific tools available to all our customers by integrating them into the standard. Another key focus of this release is the significant improvement of the software handling in many different areas – a task we are always committed to.

Especially customer specific languages and their efficient and effective handling take an important role in this release. Also, the possibilities for integrating the Analysis Engine have been increased significantly.

Since there many areas of improvement, we will focus this and the next blog post solely on the new release.

But let us turn our attention to the main components at hand:

As importing data into the system is ongoing focus in all our projects it is well worth continuously upgrading those processes. We have therefore introduced an optimized user interface making imports easier to configure. Most of the configuration can be done in lists, which allow for individual column configuration and sorting as well as quick access to parts of the import data.

While looking at the import processes, we have also made some changes to the user interface of the CAD import: for avoiding mistakes, additional information as well as check boxes have been introduced.

Let’s stay with the graphics a little longer; we have added improvements that will make your daily work a lot easier. Information on the current occupancy can now be displayed directly within tool tips. Drawing lines, polygon, walls as well as entering texts has become much easier by introducing individual layer presets. Even presets for the entire graphic may be defined and stored user specifically. Since editing mass data is often a need in projects, we have added the commands for multiple editing mass data into the graphics modules. This makes it much easier to edit, delete or terminate large amounts of data. As a quick spoiler: being able to quickly delete several thousand objects comes in very handy when you want to refurnish an entire floorplan.

The final improvement we want to look at today is the once made for editing master data. From time to time, even base data needs to be deleted and this usually implies gone is gone. That’s why we have introduced confirmation check boxes to the delete commands to avoid accidentally deleting data. Anybody who previously had to import yesterday’s backup will understand the need.

Additionally, we have integrated predefined commands for lists of successors for even more object types. These commands can easily be introduced into your task bars.

And a final feature with a huge impact – did you ever wonder when looking at a yes/no property, whether or not “no” really is correct or it is simply the case that nobody ever really thought about it. That’s why you can now add the individual option of “unknown” without wasting an entire catalogue.

That’s all for today – more to come same place next week.