speedikon C Version 2021.2 – Part 2

While we focused on general improvements in last weeks post, this week we want to turn our attention to more specific, module related changes we made.

Based on the feedback we received from our customers using the workplace reservation app, we have introduced some new features. Cancelling a future reservation has always been possible, but what happens when you don’t need the workplace as long as planned and therefore leave early? It is now possible to check out early and end the reservation, thereby freeing up the workplace.

In many cases not only a workplace is needed, but a parking space also. The app has been extended to allow for the booking of parking spaces. The user can simply select the desired car park and reserve the parking space. For ease of use, the capacity of the car park is sufficient for the booking process – not every parking space needs to be entered.

We have also made some improvements to the maintenance module. In many cases it is the “little  things” that make life – or work, in this case – a lot easier. When handling a work order is often necessary to access a document such as a SOP that is stored centrally in the catalog containing the work rules. We have introduced a function that allows to user to access these documents across the different data sources. Another one of those little but powerful improvements is to do with the execution of orders, which in most cases is done using the mobile app. In some cases, this process is handled from the user’s workstation – in this environment having a “double click” would come in handy – that’s why we introduced it.

For those users, who also handle meter data collection as part of their maintenance orders, we have introduced a couple of new features that allow for quicker and easier editing of the meter readings.

The upcoming version also has some improvements to DAMS in store. Circuit breakers have been added as a new standard object type. Major improvements have also been made to the processing times when working with catalogues and cable connections. For these functions several additional explanatory and confirmation dialogues have been introduced.

Quite a few of our customers are using speedikon C not only in German-speaking countries, but also across their global sites. In most cases the English version is fully sufficient but sometimes it is preferred to work in the own native language. This is why we have improved and streamlined the process for translating customer specific descriptions as well as the integration of new, additional languages. Speedikon C is now equipped with functions allowing for the import and export of automatically translated texts – the algorithms for those translations are provided by us.

In addition to our standardized languages German, English and French, there are now customer specific language packs for Dutch, Hungarian and Spanish available.

If you want to benefit from all these changes and update to the latest release, please get in touch.