speedikon C Version 6.0

Having used speedikon® C – Version 6.0 in the first projects in January, it was finally released for all customers at the beginning of February. In addition to extensions to existing functions in all product areas, complete applications such as rental management and an app for surveys are now available. The AD interface has been extended to assign user profiles based on AD groups. In the search engine, access to linked data has been improved. Searching with the column filter will be more performant in the future because the column filter only becomes active when the number of entries is restricted to a defined number.

We would like to present some of these new features in more detail below:

Rent Management

The module provides the basis for rental contract management with the creation and editing of rental contracts. Any objects such as rooms, parking spaces etc. are classified as contract objects. Price items are defined with corresponding performance types. Rent adjustments can be made using graduated and index-linked rent as well as turnover-linked rent. Contract changes are documented as approval packages. Monthly rent settlements based on the price items can be executed. The documentation of contract dates includes a reminder function via a time-controlled mail event.

Further information on the functions and possibilities of rental management will be available soon in our on-demand webinar on our website.

DAMS C – Cable Management

Version 6.0 of DAMS C contains significant new features; for example, comprehensive evaluations of port information can be performed in the cable management area. These evaluations provide answers to the following questions: What type of cable is the port connected to, what type of connection is the port, and what is the number of ports on the respective object and in the room. All these evaluations can be created according to the device type.

For this purpose, extensive, useful search functions are available, which is also relevant for the DAMS C- CMDB interface. The CMDB interface, which has been available for some time, has also been functionally enhanced. In this context, the configurable result lists should be mentioned.

In the new version, users are also provided with helpful functions for separating cables and cable paths.

Energy Management

With version 6.0, the replacement value creation in WiriTec has also been extensively revised. The basic idea of substitute value generation is to replace missing or incorrect measured data automatically by the software. Since it is not possible to simply overwrite values for revision reasons, we have created a function in replacement value creation that replaces these values in a revision-proof manner and marks them accordingly. Various configurable methods are available for generating the substitute values. Depending on customer requirements, these replacement values can be constants, totals for entire periods, calculated values or imports from third-party systems.

Since the replacement values are stored in addition to the original values, it is always possible to either access or restore the original values if required.