speedikon FM AG „at summerschool“

Each year, pupils of the 8th and 9th grade get the chance to have a two-week internship in companies to get valuable orientation guidelines for their future careers.

in the month May this year we had another young student for a small internship who worked on Bittle our pet robot dog. This time it was the turn of 15-year-old Marvin Weis, from Goethe-Gymnasiums in Bensheim, to improve Bittle his skills. Marvin really wants to get into the IT field and this internship gave him a great opportunity to have a sneak peek on what we are doing with FUTURELAB and speedikon.

With competent guidance of one of our colleagues at FUTURELAB, Marvin had different tasks to explore during his internship. Like the other internship in May, this internship focused also on improving the robot dog Bittle. Bittle is a great way to directly see the end results on what you program rather than just coding. Which makes programing more fun for our interns.

Even though Marvin did not have much prior Arduino experience, he had a good general understanding of the tasks and figured stuff out on his own. (Arduino is an opensource-computer hardware and software company which designs and manufactures single-board microcontrollers and microcontroller kits for building digital devices.)

Marvin “trained” Bittle to show off some new sporty moves such as yoga poses and push-ups. Bittle also got expanded by a camera module. With this module he could follow a tennis ball. On top of this, another skill was to recognize different human hand gestures as Bittle would then proceed different actions such as sit down, stand up and wave.

The video will give a good understanding of Bittles new skills:


After his well-earned summer break Marvin will continue with his education at Karl Kübel Schule and maybe one day, he will join us again.

Marvin, thank you and all the best in your future career!