speedikon FM AG donates to the flood victims in the Ahr valley

The flood disaster in the Ahr valley undoubtedly has a historical dimension. No one ever suspected that the heavy rainfall at the beginning of this year‘s July would evolve into such a natural disaster. Which has reached a level of tragedy and devastation that was only the case in Germany after the Second World War with the sea flood in Hamburg in 1962. More than 180 people have died in the federal states of Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia, and many people have had their lives completely destroyed. Rebuilding will take a lot of time and will consume a two figure billion amount.

Public welfare is always close to the heart of speedikon FM AG and its entire workforce. Therefore, the flood disaster has shocked and affected everyone, as there are also personal connections to the region. For this reason, speedikon FM AG, together with the Rotary Club Bensheim-Heppenheim, has decided to make a large donation to the flood victims. In practical implementation, this is done in cooperation with the Förderverein of the Rotary Club Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler who is on site in the catastrophic area. This ensures that the support arrives precisely where it is most urgently needed. As a result, rapid help can be provided in the quickest way to mitigate the greatest need.

The aim of the fundraising campaign is to quickly rebuild elementary schools and youth facilities as well as other types of schools, so that affected parents can also take care of immediate existential needs. We hope perhaps other companies will take our initiative as an opportunity to also launch fundraising campaigns for the flood victims.