FUTURE.LAB Tour: Technology pioneers open their doors
FUTURE.LAB ist die hauseigene Forschungsabteilung von speedikon FM AG

FUTURE.LAB Tour: Technology pioneers open their doors

On 23 July and 20 August 2019 at 2 p.m., we will once again give the popular tour of our own research laboratory “FUTURE.LAB”, where technologies of the future are developed.

Our research department FUTURE.LAB was founded at the end of 2017. As a think tank and development laboratory it focuses on virtual reality, augmented reality, machine learning, image recognition and artificial intelligence. Together with research partners, customers and interested parties, we develop test cases, prototypes and proof-of-concepts based on the latest hardware and software technologies, in order to design and optimize business processes. The laboratory staff concentrate on the concrete application for business processes in and around facility management and less on gimmicks, which you can often encounter in social media in the shape of marketing tools.

As our guests you can take an exclusive look behind the scenes during the guided tours through the FUTURE.LAB. Learn more about the current research projects of speedikon, its sister company WiriTec as well as its partner FRAMENCE and experience the latest technologies live. Participants can not only look over the shoulder of our experienced developers and researchers, but also try out exciting prototypes for themselves. In addition, the event is an opportunity for company representatives to exchange ideas with us as a competent software company with many years of experience – whether about industry-specific requirements for new technologies or about their potential.

The laboratory is currently working on a project that uses augmented reality in maintenance processes and is developing applications in this area. With the so-called “Maintenance AR”, maintenance processes in buildings and facilities are made more efficient by visualizing instructions on mobile devices. If, for example, an employee has to operate a certain lever in the course of maintenance, this lever is automatically detected and visually highlighted by the device thanks to an AI method. The employee can also be guided through the mobile application to the appropriate location, without any paper plans or clipboards. If an expert is needed, they can be called in from outside, which saves valuable manpower. During the tours, the staff of our FUTURE.LAB will be happy to tell you more about this and the leading role it played when speedikon won the German Data Centre Award for a project that makes it possible to walk through the digital twin of a data centre.

Take the opportunity to visit our FUTURE.LAB and experience the latest technologies in the FM industry. Register now and reserve a spot.