New speedikon C Release 5.3

As of today, we are going to deliver the latest speedikon® C Version 5.3 to our customers. There is a lot of new and useful functionality available for all product areas such as CAFM, DAMS and WiriTec.

In future, the following new modules can be used with a respective basic configuration:

Land parcels management – Documentation of land parcels and land register entry

Maintenance including collective call-up orders – Maintenance activities are defined as working rules including the respective maintenance cycles at the respective technical asset. Arising from this process workflows are created that are combined to collective call-up orders according to configurable rule sets. Customer specific workflows are anchored upon for further processing. Related subprocesses can be edited in a mobile app.

Substitute value creation – this module is used for the correction of apparently wrong measured values; in general in interaction with respective energy cost settlements.

CMDB Interface – the objective of this interface is the seamless integration of an existing CMDB into DAMS C. Assets are taken over automatically from the CMDB and can subsequently be incorporated in DAMS C. Thus, you can easily manage those located assets both graphically and alphanumerically and report on them in different ways.

In addition to that, there is a lot of enhancements in the field of security:  a new method for password- encryption, encrypted pass-word settings and the support of both TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2.

Furthermore, already existing application areas have seen enhancements and useful extensions: Users can now directly benefit from updated functionality regarding graphics, import functionality, creating of dash boards and reports. Particularly, enhanced functionality is available for the configuration of user dialogs, search criteria, attributes and the scheduler.

You as our customers can get the list of all enhancements on request -please contact us directly in this context, it will be a pleasure to serve you. In case you want to use the new release in your organization, or if you are interested in the new modules, we are looking forward to hearing from you.