speedikon® C Lease Management – The Webinar

Professional lease management is a topic that is part of the every-day core business at many of our customers.  That is why we have been dealing with this topic for quite a long time, and have delivered high performing software solutions for lease management over the past years. Many users took advantage of our comfortable tools for lease management in our Client-Server Version speedikon FM already.

These well proven functions in many successful projects have now been coupled with the wide range of functionality our C-platform provides to be able to deliver the new speedikon® C Lease Management. In particular, the high flexibility of rule-based software architecture brings great benefit to customers, because commercial lease management processes are handled very individually in the respective organizations and divisions, as experience shows.

speedikon C Lease Management provides adequate support for your individual use case in the field of leasing objects. It is irrelevant if these objects are office spaces, advertising expo areas or storage facilities.

Here is a selection of specific functions that our customers do cover with our Lease Management applications:

  • the integration into space management,
  • commercial leasing based on flexible set of agreements,
  • the proportional leasing of spaces, or
  • the flexible, multilevel service charge settlement.

In addition to that, the aforementioned flexibility allows to cover also your „specific lease management case“ with speedikon® C Lease Management solutions.

Get your personal overview about the multiple benefits of our Lease Management solutions and subscribe today for our Lease Management-Webinar on 21st  November from 15:00 to 16:00 hrs. The Webinar will be carried out in German. We will present our Lease Management application in more detail, discuss various use cases and answer all your respective questions. If you have already other obligations on that day, we will provide the Webinar also on-demand subsequently.

In case you have a comparable use case you want to cover with a powerful Lease Management solution, please give us a call. We are looking forward to hearing from you!