speedikon®C SNMP Monitor

The speedikon® C SNMP Monitor monitors all systems, devices and their complete range within the IT infrastructure. All functions are directly available in speedikon® C. This allows complete transparency in your network in terms of location, uptime and load factor.

We´ve all been in this situation: All information regarding network and power supply is accessible, communication with switches, PDUs and Servers within the DC is up and running but there are no practical tools, to evaluate these incoming port values. The SNMP Monitor is the key to a comprehensive analysis and provides extensive information for availability, condition, network traffic and performance. Naturally, all measuring of consumptions and currents from any devices is easily displayable too!

The SNMP Monitor allows full transparency regarding all information (OIDs and values) coming from your devices. All measured values from, for example a switch, are collected, verified and processed for further reportings.

There is no need to work your way through the documentation of the manufactures to display OIDs as all measured values are individually selectable. Also, there is no requirement for comprehensive configurations of the measurement points as the initialisation of the evaluable data series of the found OIDs is executed by the push of a button.

So, for an audit proof measurement series of available objects in your speedikon® CSystem it is completely sufficient to have the IP address of the desired SNMP measurement. Everything else is taken care by speedikon® C SNMP Monitor. This gained transparency will help identify load factors, display uptime and most importantly will give you deep insights due to extensive reporting possibilities of your network. You will benefit from efficient time saving and cost-cutting! The system also allows automated notifications and messages, so you are always in the picture when irregularities of values occur.

The obvious advantage is clear: the SNMP Monitor and DAMS C are integrated within one platform and is therefore completely seamless in the processes. The purchase of an additional SNMP tool will require extensive interfaces with the DCIM infrastructure. DAMS C is an All-In-One-Solution that will provide transparency for your business and processes!