What’s new in Version 2023

What’s new in Version 2023

We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing and installing the latest version of the C platform in client projects at the beginning of next year. Thus, we’d like to use this blog post to briefly show you the most interesting updates that were also covered in our webinar last Thursday.

Certainly the biggest update is the expansion of the Blazor technology, which will accelerate all module and command executions as well as modernize all interfaces. Based on this new technology, we have integrated the Analyses Engine into the apps, enabled graphical selection of objects, e.g. in the module “Reserve Workplace”, as well as integrated voice input. In addition, we are changing the home page into the so-called “Plus” mode to allow for faster loading times. In accordance with client wishes, we have integrated a new font and are planning to integrate a news ticker that will allow you to pass on information to your co-workers quickly and easily.

Regarding administrative features, we will provide you with an interface where you can compare the standard configurations to your individual configurations. In this way, you can easily see which new commands have been added to the standard software that could also be of use to you and your business processes. In addition, you will have an overview of which pages and modules are already available in Plus mode. We have also made accessing your database more secure for you by using the integrated Windows authentication.

With the new version, you can define the individual access rights of the modules used in your company and can determine how many accesses you want to allow for a module or application package. You can use this information for a more user-based billing process within your organization.

New features are also added to the module “Reserve Workplace”. Among other things, you can book meeting rooms and define which employee can book which meeting rooms. All workstations as well as the reserved room can also be displayed graphically. Reservations can be made via the graphic, list and tree. Whenever reservations are created, changed or cancelled, an email with the corresponding iCalendar data is automatically sent to the participants.

In terms of the Ticketing module, we provide lists and pages in Plus mode, as well as a new app based on Blazor technology in Version 2023. In the app, you can use the graphic to select the location of the malfunction and create lists for the roles of “notifier” and “operator” based on the Analyses Engine.

Furthermore, with the new version’s Time Engine, it is possible to view not only objects at individual points in time, but also at entire time periods, regardless of when these objects were entered into the software.

Regarding the graphics, you can move the label temporarily as well as adjust the label position in the new version. Marking and deleting duplicates is also possible with Version 2023, making it easier for you to tidy up your floor plans.

These and many more features await you in Version 2023. If you would like to learn more or update to the new version, contact us at 0049 6251 584 0 or send an email to – we are happy to advise you.