“Charly’s Colleagues” – Sheila Adjei

Our clients are mainly in touch with speedikon FM AG or WiriTec GmbH through individual employees, but who are the various other members of our team who are involved in our projects and keep the business running? In our series “Charly’s Colleagues”, you’ll have the chance to meet our other team members every few weeks.

Sheila Adjei (34) tells us about her work as a consultant at speedikon FM AG.

Sheila, as a consultant at speedikon, you support our clients when it comes to implementing our software solution and adjust it to meet their specific needs. What does a typical day at the office look like for you?

My typical workday consists of discussing client software configuration requirements with my colleagues and implementing a solution to meet their workflow. Because the speedikon system offers versatile options to clients from various industries and the solutions provided are quite dynamic which result in a wide range of configurations, I always maintain a thorough understanding of the client project workflow so that I can adjust our software solution to meet the desired client specifications.

What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy having some degree of control and freedom in my job. I work full-time on a flexible schedule, both in and out of the office. I work on projects that allow me to experiment with different configurations. Particularly fascinating and satisfying for me is seeing the software configurations I have made meet our clients’ requirements since that is the core description of my job. I also appreciate the collaborative work environment and assistance I receive from my colleagues; they are simply amazing.

Is there a project that you would like to tell us more about?

I am currently working on a team project where my primary responsibility is to adjust a module in our software. The module organizes collective orders of our client. This current project shows me the world of speedikon applications. They offer highly flexible configuration options that allow the software to be tailored to meet client specific complex workflow demands in terms of optimizing their human and material resources. Working on this project has accelerated my understanding of the speedikon® C platform and I’m fascinated by the seemingly infinite configuration options.

Speedikon is based in Bensheim which is located along the Bergstraße region. What is your connection to the city and what do you like about it?

Until I started working at speedikon, I had no ties to the Bensheim region. Nonetheless, in the four months I’ve worked here, I’ve grown to like the area because it has a lot in common with Fulda, where I currently live. I value the area’s natural beauty and tranquility, not to mention the friendliness of its people. I intend to relocate here soon.