An app for Data Acquisition

An adequately maintained database is the core requirement for efficient processes and effective work. In the rapidly changing environment of technical installations and their components, the creation of this dataset is often tricky for many organizations. In order to provide our customers with the best possible support in this important digitization step, we have developed a flexible app with which objects, installations and individual components can be easily recorded and processed on site.

The use of the new Blazor technology has made it possible to create very dynamic and intuitive interfaces and operating environments in which even inexperienced users can easily find their way. The buttons and function calls used are consistently based on market behavior and thus create a familiar environment. In the app itself, the user is guided closely in order not only to simplify the use significantly, but also to avoid incorrect entries or incomplete data records. After selecting the geographical and logical location of the object to be recorded, this and all other associated objects can be recorded within a very short time. In order to further optimize the usage, we have consistently implemented the option of voice input – so the user can speak all inputs directly and saves the tedious typing process. Of course, we also use many other technical options to further optimize the recording process:

This could for example be the use of the GPS coordinates of the mobile device to identify the location. Further by using the built-in sensors barcodes, QR codes and NFC tags may easily by scanned. Lastly, the integration of image recognition algorithms allow for automatically recognizing and digitizing the contents of name plates.