speedikon FM AG „at school”

Each year, pupils of the 8th and 9th forms get the chance to have a two-week internship in companies to get valuable orientation guidelines for their future careers.

It is our pleasure to support young people in their professional orientation period, and thus offered 14-year-old Katharina Köhler from Georg-August-Zinn grammar school in Reichelsheim such an opportunity for internship.

To make her stay as successful as possible under practical experience aspects, some colleagues from Consulting and Development gave her a hand to explore topics such as programming, Artificial Intelligence and electrical engineering. In this context, the clear focus was on our new “pet”.

“Bittle”, as the new pet is called, is able to sit, to walk and even express some sounds upon order. Admittedly, such a result is the fruit of many hours of programming and setting. Her good command of English was a great benefit to our intern Katharina. She was successfully struggling with all the source codes and many pages of precise descriptions. However, Bittle requested a lot of intuition and sensibility in interaction, as when dealing with a real dog. This was particularly true when calibrating Bittle’s balance sensors, for instance.

The result was really impressive. You can have a look on our new pet in the video below.

And the conclusion on Katharina’s internship is the following: “I can very well imagine my future professional education to happen in such a modern and future-oriented company as I experienced here”.

It goes without saying that also our Executive Board has a persistent interest in fostering young people and staff full of engagement and enthusiasm, and thus extends best wishes to Katharina for her future career.

It was nice to have you here.